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It’s About the Details supports businesses and organizations with a need for Human Resources and Training professionals. We bring passion and energy to your team, while raising your levels of service and expectations through an experience tailored to your specific business needs.

We are your business partner that will provide as much support as you need on or off-site. It’s About the Details will provide the expert when it comes to transitioning new managers, creating training or content, conducting secret shops with a plan of action, and will stand by your side either as you build your business from construction to opening day, or continue to work with your existing team on how to raise their level of service.

As a business owner and to be most successful, you need allies that will see your vision from another view, allowing perspectives you might have not seen. It’s About the Details takes your vision and offers an executed plan to create solutions while hearing and understanding your needs.

Sabrina Ramirez

founder & President

Sabrina is a smart, savvy, energetic professional that does everything with a smile and a touch of fun, while being well rounded in all things business related including start-ups, Human Resources, Training, transitions and jumping into the dynamics of your business. Always on the edge of new innovative ideas, Sabrina is continuously thinking creatively and recognizes that one size does not fit all, which will cater to a personalized experience for each business she touches.

In addition to working with hotel companies, restaurants, and small businesses in all types of industries, Sabrina has also created a new spa business concept from scratch. Her idea to bring an affordable luxury environment was completely new to Mexico and has been highly successful.

Sabrina’s well-rounded knowledge makes her a perfect advisor to any team!


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