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Any point – from the concept to an opening to onboarding then temperature checking your service once you are opened. All businesses need fresh eyes & training occasionally to keep them on top!

No business is perfect and all good businesses will benefit from welcoming a different perspective and advice. We will view your business from the inside out & from your employee and customer’s view. While feedback isn’t always the easiest to hear especially when your heart was put into it, our goal is the same as yours to build your business and deliver amazing service.
Of course – depending on the project scope, we can be on-site. There are also many remote options and IATD will follow all COVID-19 precautions, based on the State. During our consultation we can come to a conclusion that works best for both parties.
Of course not! We can tailor to any business training, secret shop, and personalize to your human resources needs.
Though our base is in California, It’s About the Details will absolutely travel to you.

We personalize each situation, on-site, off-site, duration, and will work with many budgets.